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About Chilika Lake

Are you planning to spend your holiday at Chilika Lake? You are on the right page; here, you will know what activities are waiting there for you. Let’s get started!

A tentative heritage site, Chilika Lake having the native name (Chilka jheel), is the largest brackish water lagoon in the World and the largest coastal lagoon in India. The lake is spread over a large area of Ganjam districts of Odisha state and Khurda on the East coast of India, flowing into the Bay of Bengal at the mouth of Daya river towards the East coast.

This beautiful lake is enriched with natural beauties having mountains, greenery, antique temples, and the culture here of the natives make it more worth visiting. The overall lifetime experience at this largest salt-water lagoon is amazing as it has migrant birds over the water and dolphins in the water.

Satapada at Chilika Lake

Chilika Lake towards the sea is located at the side of the lake. Satapada offers boating to the tourists and is famous for seeing the dolphins during boating. There are different types of boats available for tourists, and all are power-driven. Each boat can have only one family that includes almost seven to eight persons, including children.

You can have a complete Chilika lake tour in three hours on these boats as they take you to the Balugaon side of the lake. Chilika Lake covers an area of 1100 km, and there are many vessels available to take the vehicles from one part to the other part of the lake.

Migrant birds add to the beauty of Chilika Lake

As the winter sets in, millions of birds from different parts of the world gather at Chilika, making it the largest water ground for birds. The tourism & forest departments have set up accommodations for the tourists to come here to mesmerize the serene beauty of this wonderful place.

Chilika Lake is a hotspot offering various life and has been designed as the Wetland of international significance. The major species of colorful birds observed here are Greylag geese, flamingo jacana, Brahminy ducks, and many others, making this lake the biggest breeding place for Flamingos in the whole world.

Chilika Never Ceases To Surprise You

While you are at Chilika, take a moment to praise this beautiful piece of nature. This vast spread lake is filled with astonishing surprises, so take a boat ride with your loved ones to visit all the beautiful spots this lake is enriched with.

You will get to see the bird island, the beacon island, and the migratory birds from all around the world. You will see the dancing dolphins around your boat in the lake, which always welcomes the tourists to this masterpiece of nature.

Chilika Lake is a visual treat of nature camps, where you can enjoy 360-degree beautiful views with an immersive experience. The tour to Chilika Lake will enhance your visual journey as it holds the epic sceneries of nature and wildlife.

Chilika Lake, prevalently known as Chilka, the sovereign of Natural landscape in Odisha, otherwise called the Swiss-lake in the mainland. Nestling in the core of seaside Odisha, Chilika is India's greatest inland lake. Spread more than 1165 square kilometers during the storm season and 906 square kilometers during the dry season, it runs along the outskirts of three areas of Puri, Khurda and Ganjam lastly join the Bay of Bengal through a tight mouth, framing a colossal tidal pond of harsh water. Chilika is the biggest bitter water tidal pond of Asia arranged on the east shore of India. It is arranged somewhere in the range of 19028' and 19054' North scope and 85005' and 5038' East longitude. Because of its high profitable biological system, rich biodiversity, and financial significance, Chilika was assigned as a Ramsarsite in October 1981, under the show of wetlands of worldwide significance.

The lake is renowned for bareheaded geese and basic geese, etc. chilika is home to a rich assortment of sea-going widely varied vegetation. Chilika is an authentic marvel of nature. Containing an enormous assortment of fish the lake provides occupation to a great many anglers. Many boats sail out every day on the lake's blue region looking for mackerel, prawn, and crabs, this sight giving an understanding into the exhibition of country India at its brilliant best.

Things To Do

  • Watch the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Bird watching
  • Boating
  • Nature trails